The holiday flat is located in the beatiful area named Grönegau at the bottom of the Melle hills. Nature lover only need a few steps into the forest of the Wiehen-mountains. Moreover the location is optimal for nearly all other needs as you can discover below.

Location description:
- Lidl food market direct across
- Combi supermarket approx. 50 m
- Müller drugstore approx. 50 m
- Bakery approx. 50 m
- Motorway access BAB 30 Melle West approx. 2,5 km, easy to find
- Railstation approx. 600 m
- Central bus station approx. 400 m
- Downtown area with pedestrian zone approx. 600 m
- Filling station approx. 150 m
- Mc Donald´s approx. 3 km

Sights and cultural attractions:
- Dinosaur footprints approx. 9 km
- Grönenbergpark, historical village and homeland museum approx. 1 km
- Europes biggest amateur observatory approx. 3 km
- Wildpark with castle Diedrichsburg (birth location of the 1. german Kaisers wife) approx. 2 km
- Bifurcation (worlds only 3 times existing river junction) approx. 7 km
- Car museum approx. 200 m
- Forest stage approx. 400 m
- Mini golf facility approx. 1 km
- Public wave swimming pool, indoor swimming pool and sport facilities approx. 1 km
- Therapy center and urban forum approx. 1 km
- Lower Saxony gymnastics school approx. 1 km
- Estate Ostenwalde (former home of Field Marschal Montgomery) approx. 2 km
- Music club approx. 3 km
- Several castles and estates within a radius of 20 km

A city map containing gastronomic offers, pharmacies, hospitals, attractions etc. is laid out in the apartment.